Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Q:  Will I need to reset my password?
 A:  Yes.  You will receive notification when itís time to reset your password (approximately every 90 days).
 Q: Who should I contact to reset my password if Iím locked out?
 A:  To reset your password, email Columbia Gas at .
 Q: How many times can I enter the account number before I am locked out of the system?
 A:  Three times.  You will need to email Columbia Gas at to have your  password unlocked.
 Q:  What hours will the website be available to access information?
 A:  Monday Ė Saturday 6am Ė 8pm.
 Q:  Will the website log out my account after a period of inactivity?
 A:  Yes.  Your user account will be logged off after 10 minutes of inactivity.
 Q:  Will I need to log out after each client in order to bring up a new  account?
 A:  No.  You can click on New Search in the upper right corner to search a  new account.
 Q: What are the different ways to locate a customerís account?
 A:  Account number search or Social Security Number Search.
 Q: What does CCSO mean?
 A:  Credit/Collections Shut Off
 Q: What does CCTN mean?
 A:  CCTN (Credit and Collection Termination Notice) means a termination notice was released on the account for the amount listed to the right of this field.
 Q: What does premise mean?
 A:  Service Address
 Q: What is Columbia's policy regarding privacy of customer account information?
 A:  COH respects customers' right to privacy and recognizes our responsibility to protect the confidentiality of proprietary customer information. All customer account information accessible through this Web site is privileged and confidential and should be used for the sole purpose of assisting individual customers. Any other use or dissemination of customer account information, including account number, account status, customer address, and payment history is not permitted.



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